How Escorts Can Avoid Time Wasters

One of the main reason why escorts screen their calls is to avoid time wasters, but sometimes time wasters come in a different form. It can be the guy who has endless questions over the phone or via email without any intention of ever booking. It can also be in the form of a current client promising you the world with no intention of fulfilling those promises. What ever it is, you can become annoyed or downright jaded by these types of clients and so it’s best to learn as soon as possible how to avoid them.

The first thing I want to make clear is that some of my best clients over the years came off in the beginning as time wasters but for whatever reason I hung in there and kept answering their questions and it ended up working out well. After a while I stopped entertaining these kinds of requests and in the process I may have turned away legitimate clients, but this was a collateral damage that I was willing to live with. I knew that I couldn’t keep doing things the way I was and so in order to make change I needed to be willing to give up some legit business.

These kinds of decisions are the best kinds of decisions you can make as an escort. It is stressful enough being an escort, if you continue to deal with things that make you even more stressed out for a couple extra bucks, it can sink your ship very quickly. If you make a bit less money but are generally much happier, then the decision should be a no-brainer to get rid of those aspects of your job.

Back to the point of this page, how do you know when you’re dealing with a time waster? Most clients want to find out something specific, once that has been addressed they either book, or hang up. Time wasters on the other hand ask one question, then ask follow up questions which had nothing to do with your answer or their original question. Then they keep on doing that.

Let me give you an example:

Client: Can you describe what you look like?

Escort: I’m 5’5, 120lbs, 34B-24-36, long brown hair, big brown eyes and I’m Polish-Irish.

Client: What do you wear when you go on a date?

Escort: Depends on the occasion, but I can wear anything from a sexy dress to jeans and a tight top. I always have sexy lingerie on underneath and if you have any requests I will accommodate them.

Client: Is Jennifer your real name?


This is where I immediately cast them as a time waster, they are bouncing all over the place with their questions just trying to get you to keep on going and going. If I get the feeling someone is a time waster then this is how I would follow up the second last question:

Client: What do you wear when you go on a date?

Escort: I will wear what ever you’d like me to wear, when would you like to see me?

I answer their question directly and right away try to close the conversation by getting them to book. If they say something like “well, I don’t know… is Jennifer your real name?” Then I know for a fact they’re a time waster and I say I have to go and get off the phone.

When it comes to clients who are time wasters, I approach it the same way. Most of my regular clients who saw me often and gave me a lot of expensive gifts were from situations where I kind of forced myself in. I would keep in touch with them, I would ask them when we were going to see each other again, I would let them know what I liked & wanted (gifts) and hint that they should buy them for me. So when a client would tell me that he has the intention of seeing me regularly or buying me lots of gifts, I always got a little suspicious, if they wanted something in return in advance then I would turn them down right away.

If someone told me they wanted to buy me a lot of gifts and see me regularly, I would just act aloof to what they just said. As it was fine by me but it certainly didn’t get me interested. The only time I would act appreciative and excited was when they were actually following through on their words, never just for words.

I hope this short bit of information will help you save a bit of time from the endless amount of time wasters out there!

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4 thoughts on “How Escorts Can Avoid Time Wasters

  1. I think this is one of the harder lessons to learn in the beginning. Not everyone will value your time as you do. There will be those that are seeking free attention and others that will ignore your communication requests for their own agenda. They wasted a lot of my time when I first started.
    To limit this, I’ve spelled out quite a bit on my own website, including what actions need to be taken to get a response from me. As you said, I’ve probably lost legitimate business from refusing to entertain endless Q&A sessions.
    My question about time wasting: Of your existing clients, have you had any that interpreted the relationship between the two of you as less formal? By that I mean, they interpret your GFE as “she likes me and she’ll let me have more time than my donation covers”. I’ve had the economics lecture from clients that letting my standards down a bit will better me in the long run. To some degree I agree. But recently a client, who has nearly doubled his time on each visit, severely reduced my donation AND took even more time than usual without mentioning it prior to our meeting. (Maybe I’m too trusting and non-confrontational, but I don’t touch the donations until the meeting has concluded.) I have stopped taking his communications because I feel he doesn’t value my time. What would you do? And while we’re at it, how do you gently let them know your time has concluded when you’re hosting? Thank you!

    • I ALWAYS checked the money first. I had been burned once when I was starting out as an independent and made sure it never happened again. I would take the money, put it in my purse, then excuse myself to the washroom and count it in there.If it was a regular client they knew my routine, I’d tell them it was to freshen up and if you say it eloquently then the gentlemen appreciate it. When you leave the washroom come out wearing something sexier or less layers so they don’t think you were wasting their time on the clock. Just make sure you don’t say “where’s your bathroom?” or “wait here”. Say it eloquently, “I need to freshen up, you stay right here” or “I’m going to go slip into something more comfortable, I’ll be right back, you better be ready *wink*”. You get the idea, don’t be business like, be flirtatious.

      Now for clients who go over their time limit, it’s important I say that most of my clients were very respectful of this because my first line of defence was on my website in the etiquette section I would tell clients that I expect them to respect my time. I don’t like asking them to leave, so please make sure you leave when your time is up. There are a lot of people who are out to take advantage of others and a simple request on your website won’t change their actions, there’s also a large majority of clients who won’t read through your website. However I found that by mentioning this on my website it kept the numbers down.

      Now with that being said you’re still going to get guys who take advantage, so if a session had gone over 15 minutes past, that is when I would “realize” that we had lost track of time. I’d say something like “Oh my gosh, I lost track of time and I’m going to be late. I have to go pick up my mother” or “go drop off my little brother” etc. The point is you make it personal, something about your family. Don’t say you have another client or date booked, because they don’t want to think about you with other clients. By telling them it’s something personal rather than something generic you’re making sure the specific reason won’t be mentioned on message boards. If your “go-to” line is “I have to go to the gym” or something like that, one person could mention it on a message board and several clients you’ve said that to would know you feed everyone the same line. No one will say personal stuff on a message board like “She had to go pick up her mother”.

      If you have a client who does this habitually then I would tell them at the onset of the date that you need to be punctual because you have something else to do. If it goes past the allotted time it’s not as abrupt when you bring it up as you have already forewarned them.

      Last but not least, I would never cut off contact with a client for this type of stuff unless it was an extreme case. I might not book a client, but I’d keep them in the wings. Let them know that you can’t trust them to book them because they abuse the special connection the two of you have. Make it a flirtatious and naughty conversation instead of a motherly condescending one. You can’t control yourself around him so you can’t book another date with him. Make him promise he will leave on time or come up with his own solutions to “convince” you. Make sure he comes up with the solutions, they shouldn’t be your suggestion but for example he could set an alarm on his phone 15 minutes before the date ends to let him know time is winding down and he has to get going. Stuff like that.

      Hope that helps!

  2. How do you handle clients that want to see you but refuse to pay you after the first time?

    Also the clients that take their money back. when they leave? I have had clients grab money off the counter that was left for me when they leave or pull it out of my bag/jeans when they leave.

    • That is completely unacceptable. They MUST pay you upfront. Do not do anything with them until you securely have the money. Once you have the money, excuse yourself to the washroom with your purse (if you’re on an outcall) and put it somewhere secure. In all of my years escorting I never once had a client go through my jeans or purse looking for the money, let alone walking out of the door with it. Did you just watch them leave? I would have cause a ruckus!

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