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There’s some really great resources out there that any one who is escorting or seriously considering the escorting business should have bookmarked. Here I’d like to share some of my favorites:

Bound, Not Gagged – This is a blog with many different authors. All of the authors on Bound, Not Gagged are escorts or former escorts. The focus of this blog is to provide the perspective of escorts on current issues pertaining to the industry. Bookmark it!

The Internet Escort’s Handbook – This is a site much like mine here at, except instead of a step by step guide on how to become an escort it’s a repository of articles on the subject spanning many different topics. If you’re just getting into escorting, this is a great site to read before or after you’re here to get a second opinion.

Adult Performer Resources¬†– This site has some really good information. Check out the “Sex Workers Rights, Safety and Advocacy” section, more specifically the Harm Reduction page. You should also check out the ¬†Disability Awareness page – it’s very possible you’ll end up getting calls from clients with disabilities and understanding them is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good business!

I will add more links to this page as I find them.

2 thoughts on “Resources for Escorts

  1. Hello, I read the entire site and it was most helpful in giving me direction of what to do next. I do however have just a few questions; #1. If you should decide an agency; is there a set price for every escort just starting out? Or will the agency say you need to only make a small amount because you are new? I guess what I’m asking is what can I expect when I go to an agency? What are the unspoken rules? Do I have the right to negotiate seeing that I’m new and inexperienced?
    #2. You talked about coming on your menstrual during a session; Are we working on our menstrual cycle? Will the client mind? Or do you take those 5-7 days off in the month?
    #3. What are the conditions of some or most agencies? Will they make me work all night? Will I get to set how many people I feel comfortable servicing per night? Or is there a quota I will have to meet?
    #4. You said the agency is in charge of advertising me; so will they advertise me as doing “everything” to the client or will they tell me I can say what I will and won’t do but will be expecting me to practice the “bait and switch” method along with the “up sell” method?
    #5. And finally, if one of my goals was to go independent, have less clients but more quality, premier clients, would you say the best way to do that would be to start out at the best agency I could start out at, (I’m not the model type), and work my way up to the more premier escort agencies and then go independent?
    Thank you so much for your time and advice.

    • Hi,

      I’m glad the site was helpful.

      1. The rates you charge when you’re new to an agency would generally be decided by the agency. They know their callers, they know their market, etc it’s something they would probably tell you. However, if it’s a reputable agency and you have concerns, I’m sure they’d be open to at least a discussion about it. If you’re just starting out, my advice would be that unless they’re pricing you below the other escorts in the agency, then just go with what they set for you in the beginning. After a couple of months you’ll have a better idea of everything and can raise your concerns at that point.

      2. I would recommend getting on birth control and controlling your menstrual cycle. Whether or not clients would mind is a huge “depends”. Depends on the client, but that’s not a risk I’d want to run often. You should be on birth control anyway.

      3. Reputable agencies will allow you to decide how many clients you want to see. If they push you into seeing more than you’re comfortable with either by coercion or by demanding it, that would definitely be enough to make me feel uncomfortable about who I’m working with.

      4. I wouldn’t consider working for an upsell agency or a bait and switch agency. These are good questions, I never made this clear on the site. Bait and switch and upsell are ways to end up hating the job and your life in general. I would only work with a reputable agency who would ask me what my limitations are and advertise me as such. If I don’t offer a specific service and showed up to a call with a client who expected that service, I would be very angry.

      5. The toughest part about being independent is the beginning when your phone isn’t ringing and you don’t have thousands of dollars for advertising. I don’t recommend you work for an agency so that you can pouch their clients, I recommend you for an agency so that you canmake some money, pay your bills, and have some set aside so that when you go independent you have a decent marketing budget, you can pay a professional photographer, you can get a nice website that isn’t on some free service, etc. If you want to attract quality premiere clients, you can’t do so with free posts on a message board, pictures in your bathroom mirror and a free website.

      Hope that helps!

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