Set Yourself Apart From Escort Competition

Like with any business, when you’re an escort you want to separate yourself from your competition. You don’t want to just be another escort in a long list of other escorts and hope people call you instead of one of the other 100’s or even 1000’s of escorts in your city. You want to be able to shine through, and if a customer doesn’t book you, he at least remembers your name.

At this point you’re probably agreeing with me, but saying how the heck do I do that? The answer isn’t easy, and if you work for an escort agency it’s even more difficult because you don’t have a lot of control over how you’re advertised. However the first thing is your photos, make sure they’re not just the random simple boring photos that every escort has. For example, if you live in Pittsburgh then take some pictures wearing a Steeler’s jersey, lots of your clients will be Steeler fans and when they see you wearing a jersey of their favorite team, they’ll automatically gravitate towards your pictures.

The other thing you can do is write your phone number on your body in lipstick. Make it look really sexy. A lot of guys always think that pictures are fake and so if you can show them that you’re really the person in the picture beyond doubt, it can go a long way in gaining potential client’s confidence.

Assuming you’ve got great pictures which have struck an emotional attachment to your client base and you have proven that they’re real pictures, you also want to keep their attention when they start reading your description. Descriptions of escorts like this absolutely make me want to vomit:

This stunning and sexy girl from paradise is beautiful, elegant and oh so warm. She is an open minded and sensual young lady who enjoys having fun.She loves to share pleasures with discerning gentlemen who are seeking an unforgettable experience or have their fantasy come true and will always consider your suggestions.

There is nothing creative, unique or even descriptive about this. If that’s the type of description you write for yourself or the agency that you work with has written for you then why don’t you just make the description something like this:

Book “name here” now. She’s an escort and enjoys her job. Thanks.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that’s basically what that ad is saying. Rather than something boring and plain, you should put a little more effort into your descriptions so that they read something like this:

I love to read, I especially enjoy reading self help and biographies. I exercise every day and like to keep my body fit and toned. I have a dry sense of humor, and love to laugh. I really like men who smell good. I can get along in almost any situation, whether it’s dressed up or jeans and a t-shirt. I love both listening and talking, so I get along with just about any body.

This description actually says something about who you are and the kind of person you are. If you can make it clever and smart, it goes a long way.

I remember I was advertising on an escort site that costed a lot of money, back in 2004 or 2005. It was something like $500/month, but I had heard from many people that it was well worth the price. So I put up my pictures and the usual description which said nothing about me really and could be a copy and paste description for every single escort that ever was. After about a month, I hadn’t received any bookings at all. I got a couple calls and a couple emails, but nothing that amounted to anything.

So I contacted the website and I asked if something was wrong with my ad, because I was expecting more action. They wrote me back and said try and change your description and the title of your ad. Well I just about got angry with them, cause I thought there was no way my description would make a difference. It was the pictures that people called for, not the words. I calmed down and figured in order to pin them into a spot where they have to refund me or do something, I’d need to follow their advice first. So that’s what I did, I changed the description completely and instead of explaining some escort’s powers of seduction, I wrote a normal description about myself. I wrote my likes and dislikes, I described my personality and I let my actual personality shine through.

Right away I noticed a huge difference, the random email turned in like 4-5 emails a day and at least one or two calls per day. Within the next month I had booked at least 10 clients off of this one ad alone. The ad had the same pictures, did not get any extra amount of views… it was simply a matter of clients liking what they read and deciding to call me because of that.

These are a couple simple ideas to make your pictures and your description stand out in the crowd, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Anything you can do to stand out can help a lot.

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