Escort Marketing

Escort Marketing

Now that you know you want to be an escort, you need to figure out how to keep your phone ringing. You can be the sexiest escort alive, but if your phone isn’t ringing then you’re not making any money. And if you’re escorting but you’re not making any money, then you’re not doing it right! So let’s get into some of the different ways you can ensure your phone rings constantly and the times you’re available you’re booked solid and not sitting around waiting for someone to book you. If you work as an independent escort, this responsibility falls squarely on you. If you’re phone isn’t ringing you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. If you work for an escort agency then it may not be entirely you, but like any work environment it’s a collaboration between you and the agency and you need to do your part.

I also want to make one thing absolutely clear about keeping your phone ringing as an escort, it has nothing to do with your looks! It may be easier for a blonde haired, blue eyed, slim, busty, etc escort to keep her phone ringing, but if you’re a BBW, if you have small breasts, no matter your ethnicity, whatever you bring to the table it is possible to keep your phone ringing and making money regardless. I have seen many escorts who are the definition of beauty, and sure they get some calls, but most of the guys are “time wasters” and never end up booking. I’ve also seen some BBW women who weren’t sure if they could make any money at all escorting, and they end up making 10-15k a month, they have cars gifted to them, jewelry, clothes, vacations, everything. So don’t make excuses for yourself, EVERY ONE can make a lot of money escorting.

Best Places to Advertise For Escorts

Advertising is key, if you’re an independent escort this is something you need to take care of yourself. If you work for an agency, they will take care of this for you but you can still take your own initiative and do some extra promotion for yourself. There are literally 1000’s of sites you can advertise online, the phone book, news papers, local community magazines, the list is endless of places but the truth is that most of them are a waste of time. In this section of the site I am going to break down the best places to advertise in terms of ROI (return on investment). If a place costs $100/month to advertise, and you charge $300 an hour and you get 3 clients a month from said place, that’s a 800% ROI for you. Those are the kinds of sites where you need to look into upgrading your ad to a featured ad to get more exposure. However if you advertise in 10 places for a total of $1000 a month and only see two clients, that’s a $400 loss and so you need to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Keeping Regular Clients

If you have clients who see you on a weekly or even monthly basis, and it’s money you can count on, it makes escorting much easier. If you don’t have any regular clients and you’re constantly depending on new clients, you need to spend much more on advertising, your income is never predictable and it’s generally much tougher to make a go of things. However if you follow a couple basic tips, regardless of whether you work for an agency or not, you can keep a couple regular clients who keep coming back for more. There are also many other benefits to having regular clients. Random clients who see you once aren’t likely to tip you that much and they’re not likely to buy you gifts. Sometimes you see a regular client several times and he will start to catch feelings, you need to do know how to keep things in line without turning him away completely. I will explain to you how you can do this and keep them coming back for more.

Be Active In Your Escort Community

A lot of escorts over look this, but it’s really something very basic and important to being successful. Someone can be a great lawyer but if they work by themselves, they  don’t take high profile cases and they stay below the radar they will never maximize their business. It’s for this reason alone that lawyers team up and form firms with other lawyers to expand their client list, they do high profile cases pro bono and they network, they sit on boards etc. You need to do the same as an escort, if there are review boards sign up and join in on the conversation in the “Lounge” area. On your website put up a section helping new escorts get into the business and help them out with honest advice. Start a legalize prostitution campaign in your local community. These ideas might seem high profile, however I did all of them while never letting any of my family or friends know what I was doing. In this section I will explain how to do all of the above and more.

Escort Internet Marketing

You need to be able to get your business in the web 2.0 world, otherwise you can miss out on a lot of money. Lots of escorts and escort agencies don’t use the mediums to connect with their clients and I’m not sure when everyone else is going to catch on, but I hope for you that they don’t! I used to advertise of course, but I used to spend half of the money my competitors did on advertising by retaining regular clients and finding new ones through web 2.0. Back when I was escorting it wasn’t Twitter and Facebook, but I did have a MySpace page and I sent out a regular (once a month) newsletter. I am going to share some ideas with you ladies that will save you a ton of money and make you even more.

All of that being said the most important thing you can do as an escort is keep your phone ringing, its what makes or breaks you as an escort. You’d be surprised how many escorts claim they’re making a ton of money but the truth is they’re behind on rent, they got no gas in the car and their credit cards are all maxed out. Avoid being one of those poor escorts and make sure you treat this stepping stone as something that can set you up to be wealthy for the rest of your life.

29 thoughts on “Escort Marketing

  1. Hy,

    I need your help. Im an independent escort in hungary, from a very low class escorting (a full hour with all extras max 90 USD) , and nowadays i started to advertising some of foreign sites, but its not use. I want to be a higher level of escorts. My body and style is average, its not like the high-class escorts body, but in Kecskemét (in my town) my clients said to me that im the best, not because my body, because my radiation and my athmosphere. So can you help me somehow? because the sites you recommend is not involved girl from Europe. The hungarian agencies is just deal with Budapest-girls, but im live in Kecskemét.

    Please help me.

    • I had someone else asking me about escorting in India, and now you’re asking about Hungary – I assume there’s a lot of stuff that’s similar between the two but I wouldn’t know what’s similar and what’s different because I don’t know anything about escorting in Hungary. The best way to make the jump into high end escorting is to make a clean break. You can’t be taking calls from the run of the mill agency at $90/hour when in your own time you’re providing the same service for $350/hour because people will find out. You should save up as much money as you can and when you have at least 2-3 months worth of income saved up, make your clean break. Get a new website, a new phone number, a new name, everything new. Charge $350/hour or whatever you want to charge and never waver from it. You have 2-3 months income saved up so you can afford to hold out. When you get clients, treat them like king. If they book an hour, stay for 3. $90×3=$270 so you’re still making $80 more than you would have been. The point being make sure they go home feeling incredible. You’ll get a base of regulars over time. I hope this helps, but again I don’t know anything about Hungary so I could be 100% wrong.

  2. I live in a very small town and I also have 3 children under the age of 6. I don’t have childcare for them right now because I dont work and I dont need it. What advice can you give me about finding work in a small town and having children. I have family who live close by but I dont want to tell them that I am trying to get into this escorting industry. Thank you. Your site has been very informative.

    • I never had children when I was escorting so I can’t say that I’m the best person to offer advice in this area, however my advice would be to treat escorting the same as any other job. If you were hired tomorrow to work 9-5 at an office, how would you handle the care of your children? If it’s easier for you to explain being busy during the day, work as an incall escort during the day rather than asking people to babysit for you at night time. When you start making money factor in daycare or a nanny into your costs. If you live in a very small town I would also recommend getting out of the small town to work if it’s possible to commute.

  3. Hi,

    I am new to escorting and am really enjoying it but have found it has slowed down a lot the last few weeks. I’m with a couple of agencies in London. I really like the idea of advertising on Facebook and Twitter but wanted to know how easy it was to keep this from family and friends that you didn’t want to know what you did? I have a lot of family on Facbook! Did you have any privacy issues with MySpace or know about issues that have arisen for other people. Also do you have any tips?


    • Well you’re creating a new account with a new name, email, etc so your family shouldn’t be able to directly find your escort Facebook page. If you’re worried about them some how falling upon your page, then make sure your pictures don’t have your face in it and any identifiable marks are covered up.

  4. I’m a small bbw who has never done escort work before. I’ve only found one agency in Arizona where I live that serves my niche and they won’t hire me because I have no experience. What’s the best way for me to start off on my own with very little money and no experience?

    • I wouldn’t target agencies that are specifically for BBWs. I would apply to work for any agency. As for an agency that wouldn’t hire you due to no experience… that sounds very strange to me. It was likely for other reasons and they were sugar coating it. This business thrives on new faces.

  5. Hello

    I love your blog! Its the exact resource that i have been searching the internet for.
    I live in New York City and am ready to start in this industry. I would like to work for an agency. Iv searched the net ALOT for agencies and have found a few that look legit.
    Could you please give me any recommendations for good, reputable agencies in New York City?
    So far I have found Aphrodite Companions and Belle Du Jour that look good. What do you think?
    Thank you so much! Any information you could give me on the escort industry in New York City would be much appreciated!! 🙂

    • I’m not going to go down the road of recommending specific agencies in specific cities. I wish you all the best and I thank you for the compliments on the site.

  6. Hi there –

    This is kind of funny – I came to your website by complete mistake – I was actually looking for info about what to do when you are “worried that your hubby is seeing an escort behind your back” – Anyway, oddly enough – your website was one of the websites that had came back in the search results!
    (Believe it or not!)

    Anyway, even though becoming an escort isn’t necessarily on my to do list – I was still intrigued by your websites title – and just had to see what one could possibly say about “How to Become an Escort”!

    After reading the first page – I was HOOKED. I clicked on one page after the next – and before I knew it – I had read it all the way to the very end…

    I just had to tell you that not only are you a DAMN good writer – but after many years of owning my own small business (not escort related) that the advice you give on here is simply – outstanding!!

    After many years of struggling to make my business the success it is today I could have avoided the many pitfalls that I endured, if the type of business advice you give here on your website had been available back when I was first getting started!

    I have hired Business Coaches that have in turn charged me boat loads of money for their “expertise” in business management – that didn’t provide the level of advice that you give right here in your website!!

    And – as silly as this might sound, even the advice you give about “how to treat your customers when you are an escort” – Totally pertains to the ways good customer service should be exemplified in any business setting. After all, treating your customers as though they are special, appreciated, and valuable is just GOOD customer service!!

    In closing, I just wanted to commend you on the terrific website you have, the outstanding advice that you give to those who are contemplating the escort business – And most especially, the generosity that you have in your heart with the way you have spent your very own time and energy into doing something that is only for the sole benefit of others…

    This, my friend, is such a rarity in today’s day and age – and I applaud you for it!

    Good luck in all that you do!
    Coming Up Roses

    • Thank you very much! I don’t spend as much time as I would like on this website, but going through and approving some comments — when I get one like this it makes it all worth while :))

  7. Hello! I’ve read your blog and never felt so relieved to find all the information needed. I too am considering becoming an independent escort but the thing is I live in the U.S. where “escorting” can have a whole different meaning and is horribly confused with prostitution. here in the U.S. I believe an escorting license is required to escort or “provide services” legally like any other profession otherwise risk getting arrested for NOT having a license…That’s what is holding me back. I want to escort legally but what if I get denied? I can’t handle going to prison or jail not even for one second! Do women in the UK have to have a license to escort? Or can you escort at free will?

    Also I want to be that independent escort that DOESN’T want to have any kind of intercourse! (sighs and again it seems that’s all a majority of clients want these days particularly in my home country and it’s gotten to a point where cops are actually DISGUISING themselves as fake escorts to monitor escort) I have respect for myself and my body there’s nothing good about having diseases. I’ve begun preparing by making a contract strictly stating my boundaries. In my country, you may have seen our job rates aren’t the best and ever since I was a teenager, I’ve done my absolute best at trying to get a normal job. (I REFUSE FAST FOOD JOBS!) Application after application, phone call after phone call, no luck no one’s hiring, no one wants to hire, and I’m getting TIRED of job hunting and the false promises of “Now Hiring”! T_T It’s getting really discouraging but escorting may be my last resort for some kind of financial income AND I need to pay my debts after graduating school, I’m tired of watching my family go hungry because there’s never money for food or for when we’re in need FOR ONCE i want to be financially SECURE!

    If I do escort, I want it to be MY business alone. Am I wrong for doing this? I saw escorting and my heart burst with excitement until I saw the “naughty”/red flag stuff. I’ve made the decision to escort but now what do I do? To sum it all up…

    – Do I need an Escort license?
    – Do UK women need/use an Escort License too?
    – I want to be a social/date companion (no “naughty” things!) will it be more
    difficult to get clients?
    – What if no one hires me?
    I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks again for all the cool advise!

    • First of all I just want to say I am very sorry to hear about your financial troubles, no should have to go without food or other basic rights. Have you looked into any charities or government services that may be able to help you? I must admit that I don’t think escorting is for you, at all. I would strongly suggest you go in another direction. With that being said I will answer your questions as best I can.

      > If I do escort, I want it to be MY business alone. Am I wrong for doing this?

      No, there is nothing wrong with that.

      > – Do I need an Escort license?
      > – Do UK women need/use an Escort License too?

      These are legal questions and they depend 100% on where you are located. I am unable to answer these kinds of questions for you. I feel like that’s not very helpful but without knowing more about where you are I don’t think there’s much else I can say to be helpful.

      > – I want to be a social/date companion (no “naughty” things!) will it be more
      difficult to get clients?

      Yes, it is near impossible to get clients. This website is about the “naughty” kind of escorts. If you’re not willing to do “naughty” things and you just want to be a social escort, that’s got nothing to do with this site. Sorry but I don’t want to sugar coat it. Of course every woman would be willing to be an escort if they were just going out to social gatherings as eye candy.

  8. Hello. I have found this site very helpful yet I have one question. I recently posted on eros…. But because I Have no reviews, My first month I only seen 3 clients mostly because I have none and I did get a decent amount of emails….
    But some just were to scared .How can I get reviews or let the clients kno I am safe. Or do I just have to have patience and wait until someone reviews me?

    • Mention right in your ad that you’re looking for clients who are willing to review you. There’s nothing wrong with offering a discount on your service for an honest review. Just don’t say in the ad or even in person that it has to be a positive review, stress the fact that you just want an honest review. Of course you should go above and beyond to make sure the clients who are going to review you are extra extra happy 🙂 You can also ask clients to review you. If you’ve seen three clients I wouldn’t expect a review out of it just yet, but if you ask your next 5 clients to help you out by leaving a review for you, you might be able to get a couple.

      Hope that helps!

  9. @How To Become An Escort

    Would it be beneficial to make business cards? The business cards can have a discreet contact info so that clients can pass it on to others.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s a terrible idea, but I never did that for the following reasons (1) Most clients are respected members of their community, they wouldn’t be passing on their business card to their friends. (2) Now a days most people have cell phones and storing your contact information in their phone is good enough. (3) Most clients are married and wouldn’t want to get caught with a questionable business card in their pocket. (4) I wouldn’t want a card like that ending up in the wrong hands (law enforcement).

      However with all of that being said I don’t think it’s a terrible idea and you might want to give it a shot. If you do, be sure to let us know if it helped at all 🙂

  10. Hi am in Seattle WA and I don’t have money to get me featured ad or a good website so I have a free one but I am not getting any clients so what is another food source to het my phone ringing

    • I would just focus on the free sites. Go on and post on their message boards. is a Canadian site for BC/British Columbia but you might be able to get some clients from posting on their board as well. There’s also sites like,, etc which do not charge for advertising. If you contact and tell them you’d like to try them out I believe they still may be giving a trial period to new escorts. is another site with a decent size presence in Seattle. and both have Seattle/Washington sections. Point being there are lots of options, if you’re not getting any calls it could be because you don’t have any reviews. Lower your rates (within reason) until you get some takers. Encourage them to write honest reviews on TER/Le69/NaughtyReviews/etc and once your phone is ringing and your schedule is full, raise your rates back up. The beauty of supply and demand! 🙂

      Good luck!

  11. Hi there.

    Any advise on Shemale Escorting?
    I have known for a few years now
    that I wanted to be in this industry.
    But not sure how/when to start.
    I just recently moved to Iowa, I
    know that this state doesn’t allow
    and discrimination towards my kind.
    But what I’m really unsure on how to
    do is: How/Where do I advertise at
    without making it look like prostration?
    Is that even possible in my state?
    Advertise on Craigslist? That’s the
    only place I can think of for advertising.
    But how do I word it where I don’t get
    accused/setup/arrested for/of prostitution? Is escorting even legal in the USA? Please be blunt with me.
    Thank you for your time.

    • First of all I am not a lawyer, so please use this advice as a STARTING point for your research and don’t blindly accept what I say as truth. With that being said, yes, prostitution is illegal in the states. What is not illegal is charging for your time. You can charge for a half hour or an hour and that is constitutionally protected. The way law enforcement will test you is by trying to prove that you’re not charging for your time, but rather charging for explicit sexual acts ie “$200 for sex, $100 for a blow job, etc” the way you avoid this is two fold (1) first of all verify all of your clients to make sure they are not working with law enforcement. Ask them for their office number and call them during the day. Make sure you get a company phone with a directory or a secretary who can confirm what company you’re calling. Be asked to be patched through to your potential client’s direct line. Confirm he works there. The second method is by only accepting clients who have references from established escorts. Most clients won’t be on their first time seeing an escort, they’ll have been with other escorts and those escorts might be willing to provide a reference for them. If they have been with other escorts then you can be assured they’re not law enforcement.

      As for working out of Iowa, I have to admit I don’t know much about working as a shemale or working out of Iowa, but one thing you can consider is doing tours. Book a weekend trip out to NYC or Chicago and advertise ahead of time. If you rent a hotel room around $200/night and you plan to see 3-4 clients per day over a 3 day weekend, you’ll come out ahead as long as you’re charging a decent rate. It would probably be better to do this once or twice a month as opposed to working in a place with little/no demand and perhaps even hostility.

      Good luck 🙂

  12. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading your posts. I have just started in Seattle as an independent escort and I wondered if you’d take the time to take a quick look at my website and tell me if you think my biography looks appealing to a potential client or whether I went over the top…I love poetic language and I’m a romantic, but I realise some people don’t feel the way I do. Much appreciated!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!! Thank you for being open and honest about being an escort. The advice you give is awesome!

    I’m a 40yr old, single mom who did a lot of research when I 1st wanted to get into the business last year. I was with one agency for a couple of months, but the agency had 40+ girls on the rooster and any 1 night 15 were available, I was not getting too many calls. I stopped at that time as I was paying more in babysitting than I was making.

    My situation has changed now that I have more free time to myself. So I am getting back into the business. I am starting with 2 agencies, one for outcalls and 1 for incalls.
    My plan is to stay with this (and continue my day job) until I feel I can become an independent with my own regulars.

    My question is about the review boards. Can they make or break a SP?
    On the few calls I’ve had, I’ve been told that I was different in that they could tell I was not mechanical and that I enjoyed what I was doing (which I truly do), which in turn, they liked.

    Is there a way to stay off the review board? I’m just afraid of getting 1 bad review and it ruining my reputation, that I’m trying to build.

    Thanks a lot for all this great advice!!

    • Yes, they can make or break you but if you’re providing an honest service then you shouldn’t be worried about bad reviews. The one thing is that it’s a lot easier to get bad reviews than it is to get good reviews, so when you’re with clients ask them to leave an honest review for you to stock up on the positive reviews in case one day you do get a bad review. Good luck 🙂

  14. Hello,

    What kind of newsletter sender services do you use? Because I can’t find one what let me to send emails with adult content.

    Thank you for your answer!

    • To get around this I used to use setup with a desktop mailer that had scheduling options. Good luck 🙂 Requires a bit more technical know-how but I used an IT to set everything up and in the end it was worth it.

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