Be Active In Your Escort Community

Being a leader in your profession gives you publicity that you simply can’t buy. Every profession has leaders to one degree or another. You want to make a brand for yourself and part of being a branded leader in your local community means connecting with clients on the internet, helping out your coworkers and getting your name out there any way you can.

The first thing you should do is sign up for message boards for hobbyists in your area. Don’t go in there with the intention of pushing your services on people. If someone asks questions about your services you can certainly reply, but short of that stay away from self promotion because it reeks and can really rub a lot of people wrong. Instead, add your website and phone number and what ever other self promotional information you want in your forum signature and just start joining in on the conversation. Start thought provoking topics, post prostitution related news, do whatever you can to get involved. Get to know the regular posters on a personal level and never push your services on them. Just send them a message and let them know how much you loved their post about blah blah.

On your website you should also tell new escorts if they have any questions or need a mentor they can contact you. Post an FAQ about being an escort, and all of the questions people email you post them on your site with the detailed answers. Helping people out like this is not only good karma, it also makes you a focal point or a go to source of information. Any type of attention you can attract is good for your business.

Start a website about legalizing prostitution and publish it under your escort name with links to your escort website. I had several reporters contact me for my opinion on stories they were covering. Reporters often look for credible sources, for example, unfortunately there was a serial killer a long time ago in a city where I was working who was targeting escorts who posted ads on escort classifieds like craigslist. So I had a website up that was about legalizing prostitution in the same town. The reporter called me and asked me if I would like to comment on my safety as a sex worker in said town. I explained to him that I work under an alias and as long as credit was given to my escort website and not my legalize prostitution website and that my privacy was respected I would be willing to do an interview. We met up for coffee, he asked me a couple quick questions and that was that. He ended up booking 2 hours with me right then and there and when the story broke out, my email box and phone were inundated with calls from guys looking to book a date with me.

These are just a couple random ideas that I did and worked for me, but if you’re creative you can come up with a lot more ideas that are outside of the box and can really raise you head over shoulders above your competition.

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