Best Places to Advertise For Escorts

I used to advertise in one or two places online month in and month out, thinking that if they worked at first, they’d continue to work. It was an expensive lesson for me to learn. I eventually figured out that what works one month, is not guaranteed to work the next. I always made sure I casually asked clients how they found out about me so that I could track what advertising was working.

Here are the top advertising methods I worked while I was an escort:

1) SEO for Escort terms
I always made sure I hired a good SEO firm to get my site quality traffic. I would target “long tail” keywords which basically means I wouldn’t try and rank #1 for “escorts” I would try and rank #1 for “busty escort in _____” because people searching for “escorts” could be from any where in the world, people searching for escorts in your town, and more so looking for busty escorts (or anything that’s accurate to your description) are much more likely to call you. Even if it’s only searched 10 times a month, if one of those 10 a month searches book you, you’re doing good.

2) Eros Guide
This is one of the more expensive online directories to be listed on but it was definitely worth it for me. There are a lot of gentlemen who became my best clients that found me through Eros. Lots of business men coming from over seas search Eros for escorts and a lot of very wealthy men use escorts, so it’s a great site for meeting those upscale clients that can really bump up your bottom line.

3) Phone Book
Yeah, people still use that thing! I actually eventually stopped advertising in the phone book because I was getting too many calls. I wanted to focus on getting fewer clients, but when I first started as an independent it really helped me keep my phone ringing. Most of the advertisers in the phone book are agencies with very non descriptive information. I would always put my age, my measurements and mention that it was a GFE unrushed service and of course one of my pictures with “100% recent and accurate” stamped somewhere on there. This literally had my phone constantly ringing. If you like in a bigger city with multiple phone books and you do outcalls, chose the phone book that’s in hotel rooms near the airport. Skip downtown, skip that rich suburb, trust me… do the airport.

4) Le 69 Escorts
This website wasn’t around when I was escorting but I’ve had several people send me an email saying that I should add it to this page. This is an escort community where it is completely free to post a profile and get started. Any time a website let’s you put up your info for free, you should definitely take advantage but is actually a really cool website with lots of features and so I definitely recommend checking it out and throwing up your profile.   

You also need to check the search engines like to see what sites ranking for “*your city name* escorts” and see if advertising on them makes sense or not. A lot of the time there’s different sites that rank for different city names, so if I was touring to other cities I would always check the search engines to see what sites would rank for which cites and try and get my contact info up on their sites. The only other tip I can give you about advertising online is to search the net for sites that are free to post on. If you can add a profile for free, even if it’s not featured or it has limits on it, that’s okay. Anything that’s free is worth taking the time to throw your info up on there. If it takes you a couple hours a month to scower the net looking for places to advertise for free, it’s worth your time!


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Wow, thank you for that! I’m just starting out and this is the best information I’ve gotten so far!

    Is it ok if I get in touch with you to elaborate on this? I’m just starting out and I really want to make this business work but I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to get my phone to ring consistently and it’s soooooo frustrating! Yikes! I know I could really make this business work if I get this right! Help!

  2. Yes, of course. If you have specific questions, please feel free to post them here. Otherwise if you want you can email me at htbaenet (at) gmail dot com.

    Glad the info could help though!

    • Doll your post are great, im new to the site but what ive seen thus far is amazing. I’ve been out of the game fora few(3) years now but I’m very much interested in coming back into the business. However, I am not too sure of the best sites to advertise on now, do you have any updated info? And another question is p411 , r2k (i think thats the spelling) good for screening the clients?

      • Thanks for the kind wishes.

        I have been out of the “game” for long than you have, so I am not going based on personal experience but rather reputation. Yes, p411,, etc are still the top sites for verification. Depeds on what part of the country you’re in. For advertising I mentioned the top 5 places on this page in my opinion 🙂

  3. Hi there! I’m glad I found your site! Ok, my question is this. Is it typical to go straight to a persons home or hotel, or can I require that we meet publicly first? Like…in a hotel bar or nearby restaurant. Would the client consider this a waste of some of the time they’re paying for?

    • Yes, you can ask them to meet you in the hotel lobby first. The thing is most clients are married and just as (if not – more) nervous than you are. They prefer to be able to wait for you in the room and not have to expose themselves. What I used to do is I would ask them for their full name and their room number. I would then call the hotel and ask them to put me through to the room number, the front desk would always ask for the name of the guest staying in that room and I would tell them. They would then put me through to the room – in this case I know they’re legit. If the front desk says sorry, that’s not the name of the guest staying in that room I would apologize and hang up. Call the client back on their cell phone and tell them that their information didn’t check out.

      With all of that being said if you’re not comfortable walking into a private room, there is nothing wrong with asking clients to meet you in the hotel bar. You may lose a couple clients over it but the most important thing is feeling safe and comfortable.

    • I know this is an old post, but I thought somebody else may benefit, as I myself just found this site yesterday. You are doing as great job, and have the patience of a Saint. Great job! Now back to answer your question, the site owner was correct, clients need to be discreet, you need to be discreet, you really need to learn to screen. There are places online I could direct you to, but honestly, I’m not sure if the site owner here would appreciate that or not? You can do a search online, there is plenty of information out there. I was new and blind to everything when I started and I found what I needed, so take the time to learn how to screen properly. It is imperative ladies in order to stay safe. Also, since YOU are the one requesting to take extra time by meeting your client at a separate location, that in no way should cut into his time with you. I’m pretty lax myself, if my date goes an hour fifteen, I’m ok because it very well may have been ME that wanted to sit and chat when our time together started. Be safe ladies, and thank you again for building this site!

  4. Thank you so much for all this info, you go into so much detail its been really helpful.
    I’ve been thinking about being an escort for a while and now with my bank balance refusing to creep out of the minuses and about to start my final year of uni I have started to think about it more seriously. I just have a few questions that I would really appreciate if you could answer…
    You mention elsewhere on your site that the industry thrives on new people and that lack of experience shouldn’t necessarily matter, but what sort of things can I do to sell my self to an agency considering I don’t have previous experience? Also if I get an interview what sort of things can I expect to be asked?
    When you’re with clients, do you make up a whole back story for yourself in case they ask you questions about your personal life, or do you just try and steer the conversation away from you?
    I read a lot of things on the internet that say things like ‘If you are x sort of person escorting is/isn’t for you’ what would you say are the characteristics you need to be a good escort? And would you say there are types of people who really shouldn’t be escorts?
    What are the things I should be looking out for when searching for agencies to work for?
    (sorry if you have answered any of the these questions else where on the site, pretty sure I’ve read all of it but you provide a lot of information!)

    Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks!

      Don’t think of escort agencies as people who are looking for sex experts. Escort agencies are looking for people who are going to provide good services to their clients on a consistent basis and be RELIABLE. Tell them you’re a student, your availability, let them know your confident you can develop a good report with clients and that you’re sure this is something you want to do. That’s what they’re looking for. During an interview with a REPUTABLE agency, those are exactly the types of things you will be asked. What hours can you work? How long do you see yourself doing this for? Do you like to kiss and cuddle? A reputable agency won’t ask you off the bat if you’re okay with anal, but they will try and get a sense of if you’re willing to provide good service to a client or if you’re looking to get in the room with a client, get it over with and on to the next one.

      Try to be honest with clients, but set firm boundaries. For example, being a university student maybe you’re okay with telling them you’re a student, but not what university you go to. If you’re not willing to tell them you’re a university student, then leave it alone completely. Tell them you escort full time. Try to avoid making up stories like you have your own business and do this part time etc because the lies are easy to get caught up in and most people have a good sense of when you’re sincere or not. Decide what you are and aren’t willing to discuss with clients and just maneuver those boundaries as you would as though you’re being interviewed by the press.

      I think the only people who shouldn’t get into escorting are the people who are doing it for reasons other then themselves. If you’re being asked/forced/pressured to do it by someone else like a boyfriend or friend, then I would not recommend you do it under any circumstance. Also, you should be somewhat sexually liberated. If you view sex as a sacred act, then it will take your toll on you. On the other hand if you view having sex as empowering and liberating, then you’ll be better able to handle it.

      When looking for an agency go based on reputation. Where are they advertising? How did you find them? Read reviews of their escorts, were the clients happy? When you go in for an interview, are you treated as a person or a piece of meat? It’s OK for an agency owner to want to check you out, so if you see them glancing at your figure or if they ask you to come in wearing something sexy, that’s not the end of the world given the nature of the business. However if they tell you that you need to get naked or have sex with someone in order to get the job, red flag!!

  5. Love your site. Since, myredbook shut down, theres not to many places where girls, can discuss eork. I thought id mention, cpl other sites,, and,, which is a southern calif site,, just thought id ad those. Also, you can build your own free website, at, then, purchase a domain name, through them for like $15 a year. Ive been handling my site through them. Eros also offers a free personal website template, very upscale. Thanks for giving sound advice to these young ladies!

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