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One thing that absolutely blows my mind is how few escort agencies and independent escorts use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Newsletters. This is a HUGE source where I eventually had to pull my MySpace page down because because I was getting too many clients who wanted to book an hour or two.

I am going to break down Twitter, Facebook and Newsletters and explain each one , one by one, because they are all so powerful. I included MySpace above, because when I was an escort it was the major website but it’s fallen behind now. However it’s still a great website to use if you’re looking for as much exposure as you can get.

This one is by far the easiest to get involved in. You setup a profile in 2 minutes flat including adding a couple pictures. Start following local people and they normally add you back. Start following some porn stars, any other escorts you can find and generally anything to do with “adult” stuff so you can get the guys to notice your account. From there just join in on the conversation and start commenting on whatever you can. Once a week or even once a month tweet a picture of yourself that you took in the mirror with your cell phone, either wearing a sexy dress, a bikini, lingerie etc and watch the guys go nuts. Make sure you have your website in your profile. This will send a ton of traffic to your website. If you also sell stuff like used panties, members area with explicit pictures etc. You will get a ton of orders from this traffic.

This takes a little bit more time, but once you’ve setup your profile with all of your fake information (escort name, fake date of birth etc) add a bunch of sexy pictures of yourself and basically without doing anything you’ll get 100’s or even 1000’s of guys adding you as friend. Have a link to your website somewhere on your profile and again, it sends a TON of traffic to your website. You can post status updates about yourself that are either naughty or completely normal and each time you do you’ll see more and more people adding you. On MySpace I had something like 40000 friends on my page and it’s sent 1000’s of hits to my website a month and I hardly ever signed in. I just accepted all friends requests, and added all of my sexiest (non-nude) pictures.

By adding a newsletter to your website, you can keep in touch with a lot of your clients. Try not to be too spammy, but for example if you’re going on tour, or if you got something new going on, send out a newsletter and get the word out there faster. I used to charge other escorts $500 to send out a newsletter with their picture and contact information. I had a newsletter with over 5000 guys who were interested in escort services. It made sense for them because surely out of the 5000 guys on my newsletter at least a couple of them would book one or two hours with the escort I sent out. For me, it took 2 minutes to send out the email and costed me nothing and I added $500 to my income for the month.

These are three simple ideas that I used to maximize my income, but there’s plenty more. There’s sites like, there’s sites like Squidoo where you can write an article about escorts in your local town and put a link to your website. You can create a Google Places page for your business and add images, hours, and ask customers to write reviews. There’s all kinds of different ways to get your name out there and they don’t cost anything and they really take very little effort. However the amount of escorts actually taking advantage of these marketing opportunities is very low, it really is mind bottling!

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  1. How do you suggest setting up a website? I’m worried about what to put on there and having it come back to bite me. I’m very concerned with keeping myself out of the legal system but don’t want to be so terrified that it keeps me from being profitable. Thanks in advance for your help. Your website has been extremely helpful.

    • Here’s some tips to maintain your privacy:

      1. Never ever use the same phone number, email or pictures (even with your face cropped out) that can be associated with you. Get a new cell phone, new email and don’t crop your facebook pictures and post them with your escort ads.

      2. Host your website in another country, find a webhost from Germany, Netherlands or New Zealand where prostitution is legal.

      3. When you register your domain get whois privacy included. It costs extra, but it’s worth it.

      Good luck 🙂

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