Keeping Regular Escort Clients

Keeping regular clients is one of the most important things you can do as an escort. When I was making $30000 a month as an escort before I retired, $25000 of that was from regular clients and $5000 was from random clients calling and booking an hour here or there. If I never had repeat escort clients and I always depended on seeing new clients, I would have never been able to scale back from seeing 5 clients a day to only 1 a day. Having regular clients who you can depend on seeing makes your job so much easier.

One of the easiest ways to turn a client from a one timer to a a regular client is by asking when you’re going to see them again. Tell them how much you enjoyed your time with them and let them know you’re dying to see them again. You’ll be surprised by how many clients actually ended up booking you again and again from just saying that. If I didn’t tell a client that (because I forgot) it was almost 50/50 on whether they would call me or not. If I told them something like

“Wow, I really loved our time together. When can we see each other again?”

They’d reply “Ummm, I’m not sure.. I’ll have to check”

“Of course, sorry I didn’t mean to put you on the spot… I just got a little excited! Would it be okay if I emailed you?”

If they agreed, I’d shoot them an email almost immediately from my blackberry saying how amazing they are and that I can’t wait for the next time. I’d keep in touch via email and it was almost 99% of them that I’d end up seeing again, and then again and again. Sure, it was aggressive on my part, but this is a business. If you can’t be a little pushy in order to get your foot in the door then you’re in the wrong business. There’s 1000s of escorts working in every city and if you offer a good service but can’t make the effort to keep in touch with clients then they will simply move on. But if you make that extra effort to keep in touch with them on a personal level it will extend your ROI on your advertising dollars.

It’s important to say though that if you’re disinterested in the conversation, in bed you’re lazy and unenthusiastic and then you try and keep in touch afterwards it’s not going to help you out. You need to make as strong of a connection with them as you can in your time together and then follow it up.

There are a lot of other ways to turn clients into regulars, but I think it’s just a lot of common sense. If someone books for an hour, stay for an hour and 15 minutes or an hour and a half. Don’t watch the clock. Be on time, every time. Make sure you’re always fresh. Cater to fantasies, wear school girl uniforms, bring handcuffs and a blindfold, remember your clients birthdays and special dates. All of this stuff builds up a relationship between you and your clients and the strong they feel your relationship with them is, the more likely they are to give you gifts, take you on trips, book you for 5 hours instead of 1 hour, etc.

The biggest problem you’re going to run into is your clients asking to see you off the clock. I would have two different responses to this.

One response was for clients whom I felt weren’t that wealthy and were looking for financial relief from our relationship.. I would simply tell them that I’m a very busy girl and I can’t afford to take time off the clock. I will clear my schedule for them any time because I prefer to spend time with them over any of my other clients, but I just can’t afford to make time for any man that’s off the clock cause I’m losing money twice. They usually get the idea.

My other response is if I feel they’re just looking for a deeper connection but they’re very wealthy. In that case I tell them I have the same types of feelings towards them and I’d like to see them off the clock as well, but I’d need to make sure that I’m being taken care of. If they agree I would ask them to take care of my monthly bills and let them know that you have other long time clients whom you cannot stop seeing, maybe at some point in the future but not now. So essentially if they’re willing to give me 5k a month, I’ll see them off the clock one or two times a week. I find this to be very mutually beneficial and if you can get 3-4 clients in this type of arrangement you’ll end up making a lot more than if you only stayed on the clock.

As I am writing this I am feeling that what I am saying involves a lot of deceit and cold heartedness and so I just want to take a moment to say that although it may come off that way, it was never my intention to be like that with any of my clients. Take for example your local corner store, if you go in there every day and buy a cup of coffee or whatever, and then one day you walk in and tell them you’re moving to the other side of town, they’re going to say “awww, that’s too bad – we’re going to miss you” They’re actually thinking shoot, we’re losing a regular customer. I know being an escort involves intimacy and so exchanging a hello and good bye on a daily basis with the owner of your local corner store is different than someone you’re having a sexual relationship with. However a business is a business, and a service provided is a service provided. You need to be able to care about your customers in an intimate way, but ultimately be able to take a step back and make decisions that are business orientated. I didn’t start escorting to fall in love with a client. I started escorting to make money and I never took my eyes off the goal.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Regular Escort Clients

  1. Howdy,
    I have a semi-regular guy ( I’ve only seen him 3 times), (he’s about 51 years). He’s really nice to me and all but sometimes he goes soft inside of me and then when it comes out he tries to keep putting it back in. What does this mean? I feel bad because 1, I don’t know if it’s me that’s making him go soft and 2, he just pretends nothing has happened. So of course I pretend to. But I like him & I want him to keep seeing me. Plus I want to know how to handle this “sensitive” situation and somehow get him to open up, talk to me about it, then I can use this to make my services better.
    Help. I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    • This is completely normal for men his age, it probably has nothing to do with you. No matter what, keep in mind that he’s probably more embarrassed about it than you are. If he’s the “take charge” kind of guy, then just let him do whatever he wants to do when it happens. If he’s shy or timid, next time it happens take the condom off and give him some more oral. He’ll probably love it and get hard again. I say to only do that if he’s shy or timid because someone who is “take charge” and having erectile problems might not appreciate you taking the initiative.

      Last but not least, don’t try too hard to get him to open up and talk about his darkest fears. You’re his escort, not his therapist. If he wants to talk about it, great. But just keep in mind it might be a bruise to his ego if you bring it up.

  2. I tend to have a lot of one timers and I am never able to have a regular. I treat everybody the same..I’m very nice and ask if there is anything he has in mind or if he is enjoying himself even though they say yes they never call back. I had this Guy who said he thinks I’m so sweet and would love to see me again and he would text me. He seen me one more time (a total of 2 times) and I havnt heard from him since…can u help please? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…also I have a question on how to word things. I have different prices for differnent things and I don’t know how to explain it without saying it but I don’t want to agree to anything in case it is a cop. I’ve been busted once before for saying the word greek. Also I don’t want to scare away the client with my prices…

    • I googled your email and found plenty of reviews, either 5/5 glowing reviews or 1/5 saying you have fake pictures, etc. I am guessing you write the 5/5 reviews, the 1/5 are the real reviews. My advice, start over. Get a new phone number, name, email address, nothing that can tie you to your current alias and do it properly. What is properly, you might ask? Read this site. 🙂

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