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The nature of escorting, putting yourself in a situation where you’re alone with a complete stranger is enough to raise security concerns. I am lucky enough that in my 6 years of escorting I was never in a situation where I needed security – however on a couple of different occasions I was definitely more comfortable knowing that I had security available if needed. There’s basically two different types of security, outside security that you can call in case there’s trouble, and what ever means of protecting yourself that you bring with you to your appointments.

Escort Driver & Security

If you work for an escort agency then your driver and security will be provided for you. If you’re doing incalls for an escort agency then they will have their own setup for you and explain to you anything that you need to know. However if you’re working as an independent escort, then you’re going to need to figure out your own security. For outcalls it’s rather simple, you need to find someone who can drive you to your appointments and wait in the car. The basic procedure once you get inside is to get the money and then call your driver/security and let him know that you’re okay and have the money. If your driver doesn’t hear from you within say, 15 minutes, he is instructed to come up and make sure you’re okay.

It’s pretty easy to find someone who is capable/able of being your driver. The way I found my driver was posting an ad on craigslist adult jobs, but I think they took that down now. The next best thing would be to go to strip clubs and talk to the security guards there, most of them will have a drivers license and know a thing or two about security, and you know they’re okay with working in the “adult industry”.

Personal Escort Security

When you go to an appointment, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend bringing a firearm however bringing some kind of protection is definitely helpful in a sticky escort situation. I would always carry pepper spray in my purse, how ever I have heard of some escorts even carrying a taser gun. What ever you decide to use, make sure you know how it works so if you do need to use it one day, you’re not fumbling around trying to get it to work. You also want to be sure that no one accidentally gets hurt.

The other weapon of choice for escorts is your cell phone. Make sure you have it on you or near you at all times. You can use it to pretend you’re getting a fake call and have to leave, you can text someone in case you’re in a situation where you can’t talk, you can use it to call your driver and let him know something isn’t right, etc.

When you’re on an outcall, normally you would will have a few drinks in a common area like a living room and then make your way to the bedroom for the main show. In this case, make sure you don’t leave your purse in the living room. Keep it on you at all times.

Last but not least, if you can try and take a couple of self defense classes so that you have a couple of moves that you can use to protect yourself in case a situation goes bad. Knowing how to ward off an attacker is an asset to your business and going to a self defense class can also help keep you in shape!

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2 thoughts on “Escort Security

  1. Hello

    First of all, congrats to this amazing informative website, love it.
    I am 42 years old, female, in good shape and I love to have sex. I am full time working but thinking a lot of becoming an escort. My full time job is exhausting and doesn´t bring a lot of money. My girl is now starting university and I want to give her a helping hand, financially. I wouldn´t mind having sex with different guys, I have also a very sharp business mind so I am sure I could cope well. I don´t want to work for an agency, too much young competition. Like I said, I am 42 and certainly can´t compete with all these young super slim super models who are signed up at this agencies. I would like to start as an independend escort straight away. Getting my own website and doing good advertising. However, the only thing that really holds me back is the security part of this job. Not only that I might find myself in an unsafe place and situation despite client screening, but also that I get into trouble with the law. I would love to learn more from others about their experience, how likely it is to get into trouble with a client or the law. How often does it really happen. Some escorts are posting really nasty stories all the time (not on this website but in other forums) and I am getting the impression that I might risk my life (or freedom) everytime I would accept a client. I live in England by the way, not sure if that makes any difference on the safety part. Thanks for your input in advance.
    xx Chloe

    • I can’t speak on the law part because I’m not from England and England is a big place, I’m sure it’s different in different parts. I’m from the other side of the pond, and over here if you screen clients you shouldn’t have too many problems. I would always recommend having a driver, and touching base with the driver once the client has arrived and you’ve got the donation safely. Your driver can also give you a call when the time is up. If you’re doing incalls, you should still have someone who knows your schedule, where you are and who you’re seeing. If you follow those simple precautions you should be okay however if escorts in your city are warning about bad clients etc, maybe you should heed their caution and work out of town.

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