How Long Should I Be An Escort For?

I’m naturally a person that likes to set goals and track the progress. I find it helps keep me focused and be more productive. However even if you’re not like that, I still think in this situation it makes sense to set yourself a goal or a time frame so that you can re-assess your situation at a predetermined time to make sure that you’re still committed to the decision of being an escort, rather than the possibility that you’ve fell into a rut and doing it because you don’t know how to stop.

When you start working as an escort, we all have our reasons. For me it was because I had student loans, credit card debt, couldn’t find a good paying job and honestly, I wanted to try being an escort to see if it was something I liked or not. After I had decided that I was going to give it a shot, it became a question of how long I was going to do it for. Some where in the back of my mind I figured I would be an escort for 6 or 8 months, and that would be it. However before I actually began escorting, I had a little conversation with myself and and I decided to give myself 1 year. After the 1 year mark, I would re-evaluate my decision to be an escort completely. Meaning I would approach the decision as though it was the first time and I was deciding if I wanted to be an escort or not.

When that first year popped up, I remembered the promise I made to myself. I decided to take a spa day to myself and really be able to take sometime to myself and think about what it was I wanted. I normally go to the spa with my mother or girlfriends, but on this day I went by myself.

After the first year of escorting, I had made more money than I had ever made in my life. I definitely loved the money, but the biggest factor on my mind, when I was sitting there contemplating whether or not I should continue to be an escort, was my health. I felt fortunate that I had been escort for a year and had not caught any sexually transmitted diseases and hadn’t been hacked up into pieces by a serial killer. One part of me felt like I was smart and doing things the right way and that’s why nothing bad had happened to me. But the other side of me felt like it was a ticking time bomb and my time was up.

What I ended up deciding to do was I would quit the escort agency I was working for and become an independent escort. I would stop seeing as many clients as I could per day and rather start focusing on seeing fewer clients for longer dates. I would try and make more of my clients into regular clients. The idea was to slow things down and be smart about my business.

Once I started working as an independent, everything I had planned to do I followed through on. I started seeing less clients, developing more regular clients and I was going from seeing 3-5 clients a day while I was working with the escort agency to only 4-5 per week working as an independent escort. The first couple of months my income definitely went down, but within six months of working as an independent escort I was making more than I ever did as an agency escort and I was seeing far fewer clients.

At this point I decided to start making six month goals for myself. Every six months I would take my spa day by myself and decide if I was still happy, if I still wanted to be an escort and if there were any changes I wanted to make. I was constantly removing aspects of the job that I didn’t like and improving my overall happiness. Every decision I made was regardless of money. For example, at one point I decided that I really didn’t like seeing clients for just one hour. It was too rushed and most clients who would book for one hour did not turn into repeat clients. I started with a minimum of 2 hour bookings, then I switched it to 3 hours.

Every decision that I made, I had the possibility of making less money. However in the long run I lost a few clients here and there, but my business and my income only continued to grow. This reinforced that I was making the right decisions because I was definitely a lot happier and enjoyed the job more while also being able to make more money.

I know what works for one doesn’t always work for everyone. In this case, I feel that any one who is escorting would benefit from setting goals and having a day aside to reflect on those goals. The reason being is that the life of an escort sometimes can get you wrapped in the day-to-day and one day you can wake up unhappy and wondering how you ever got into this situation in the first place. If you’re always asking yourself if you’re happy, what you could do to make yourself happier and taking time out to stay grounded and focused it will only help you in the long run.

So whether you set time aside on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis, remember not to get caught up in the day to day of your new job and to keep your goals organized. In the end it will help you both be happier and more focused.

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