Are All Escort’s Clients Fat & Ugly?

I find this question particularly funny and I’m not entirely sure why! I guess I think it’s funny because if you think I was sleeping with men with revolting looks, you couldn’t be further from the truth. I always some how some way found something attractive about each of my clients. Some men are over weight, but maybe they have nice hair, or sexy eyes, or they’re just genuinely nice people and I could somehow connect with them. I had some clients that were sexually aggressive and didn’t care much for getting to know each other first, but most of my clients we talked for at least 20 minutes first, and it was very rare that after 20 minutes I couldn’t find something I liked about them.

The average client was 35-50 years old, well dressed, clean, fresh and groomed. They were average to attractive and most conversations were enjoyable. I met a lot of clients who were very interesting people, and I would just sit there asking question after question, to the point where I thought I might have been bothering them with all of my questions. I had two clients who I was revolted by when I first met walked in the door, and I didn’t go through with either of them. If someone is clean cut and well groomed, I can be attracted to them. However if someone isn’t well groomed and they’re extremely over weight, very old, etc then I just didn’t go through with it.

I also turned down another client because he just plain creeped me out. When I arrived I thought he was average looking, he was slim, about 5’6 and wearing clothes that looked like he was from the 1980’s..but the grin he had on his face sent chills through my body. I gave him a handshake and normally I would give a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I made my way in, and he mentioned there was an envelope on the dresser for me.  I got up, picked up the envelope and excused myself to the washroom. When I said I was going to the washroom his grin changed to a nervous look. While in the washroom I could hear him listening in on me. When I came out of the washroom he had removed his pants and was stroking his penis with the same grin he had before. I completely freaked out and realized this guy was more than a creep… I took the money out of my purse, I apologized and said I didn’t feel well and quickly left before he had time to put his pants on and follow me out.

After escorting for 6 years I think it’s normal to have a few stories like that, but generally speaking all of my dates went pretty well and I never felt revolted by any of my clients that I slept with.

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