What Do Escorts Do?

What Do Escorts Do?

I got this question from girls interested in being escorts more than I expected. When I was considering whether I should escort or not, honestly this wasn’t even a thought for me. I assumed you gave the client a hand job or blow job, had sex and then a quick shower and it was done. I found it very quickly through the agency that I worked for that clients booked by the hour, so they were paying for an hour of your time. So if you got the client to cum within 15 minutes, you had another 45 minutes to kill.

Now there are a long long list of different services that escorts perform for clients and I am going to go over some of them and list their “code name” or acronym.

HJ = Hand Job
CBJ = Covered Blow Job, in other words you use a condom to perform oral sex.
BBBJ = Bare Back Blow Job, oral sex without a condom
MSOG = Multiple Shots on Goal, this means if the customer books an hour he can have sex as many times as he’d like within that hour. Normally this means twice, sometimes three times.
Greek = Anal sex
Facial = client cums on your face
CIM = cum in mouth
BBBJCIM = Bare back blow job with cum in mouth
GFE = Girlfriend experience, kissing, cuddling, unrushed, etc.
PSE = Porn star experience, usually includes Greek (anal), facial or CIM etc
DATY = Dining at the Y, client performs oral sex on you
Rimming = This is eating of the asshole, either giving or receiving.
Digits = Vaginal penetration with the use of fingers.
DFK = Deep french kissing
LFK = Light french kissing (no tongue)

So that’s pretty much the nitty gritty, of course there’s some other stuff like Golden Showers (being peed on or peeing on the client) but I am not going to get into every single fetish there is out there. For the most part the above is the most commonly requested services. Most of my clients wanted a BJ and at some points I used a condom for this, others I didn’t. I’ll get into that more later. Most of my clients (60%) wanted to perform oral on me (DATY). I had some clients request CIM or facials and I did this on a case by case basis. About 20% of my clients requested anal, about half of which I agreed to for an additional fee. I would not let anyone with a 7.5inch+ penis stick it in my butt, but for the smaller or average guys I did it with no terrible experiences. Rimming I would never perform, but I had some clients who loved to do it. At first I didn’t like it as it was ticklish and I thought it was gross, but some guys absolutely love giving it and so I relaxed and breathed deep and slow and I actually enjoy it now.

In order to be a really successful escort you generally need to be able to offer GFE (unrushed, kissing, etc), MSOG (if they book for an hour, the session lasts at least an hour), DATY and at least LFK preferably DFK.Of course this is just my opinion, and I’m not saying this is written in stone, but in my experience escorts who don’t offer DATY or they don’t offer GFE or MSOG generally don’t get the repeat clients you need in order to be really successful.

That’s the general break down of what’s expected or not sexually. You’re generally expected to be warm and friendly, to be conversational when needed and to show your client a good time. You don’t want to be reluctant as though you’re being forced to do it. You want it to be natural and smooth.

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