Work As An Incall Escort or Outcall Escort

Incalls and outcalls are both a lot alike and very different at the same time. If you’re working with an escort agency, they will normally either be an incall escort agency or an outcall escort agency. If that’s the case the decision has already been made for you. However if you’re not sure what type of agency you want to work for, or if you’ve decided to become an independent escort, then the purpose of this page will be to break down both incall appointments and outcall appointments so that you can get a good understanding of both the pros and cons of each.

When I first started as an escort I was working for an outcall escort agency. During my time there we did do some incall days, two of the escorts from the agency would work together out of a hotel room. When one of our clients came, the other escort would have to leave for the duration of the client’s visit. The hotel we stayed at normally had a pool and a lobby with a sitting area, so we’d just wander off for a bit. I always preferred doing outcalls because I was nervous that incall clients were cops and that at any minute they could break down the door and rappel down from the roof and smash into the window with full swat gear taking me to jail immediately.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but when you’re working an incall you can kind of get the feeling that you’re a sitting duck. Working out of a hotel room is a lot better than a specific apartment though, because at least with a hotel room it’s not like you’re in the same spot every day.

With outcalls you’re going to see the client at his hotel or home, and although it’s potentially more dangerous for you as an escort to walk into someone else’s home, I never ran into any clients on outcalls that made me feel particularly uncomfortable. Sure some of their houses were dirty and using the bathroom made me nervous, but I was never in a situation where I felt I was in immediate danger.

Overall there are both pros and cons to each, so it’s probably best if I just break them down in point form:

Outcalls Pros

  • Less chance of it being a sting.
  • Mixing it up with different scenery, instead of staring at the same walls all day.

Outcalls Cons

  • Dangerous going to a strangers house alone.
  • Sometimes it’s long drives to get to the client’s house.

Incalls Pros

  • You don’t have to go anywhere, they come to you.
  • They’re coming to your place, rather than having to walk into a place you’ve never been before.

Incalls Cons

  • Highest chance of it being a sting.
  • Can become boring and very repetitive.

Well, there you have it. I try to be as unbiased as possible but I’m obviously going to have my opinions and tilt things in the direction I like. It’s just my opinion!

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8 thoughts on “Work As An Incall Escort or Outcall Escort

  1. Hello..just want to ask if how do you deal with your clients if his drunk..?how do you keep your time?
    What’s the different in a 20mins.and 30mins what did you do to finished your client?is that a full service?thanks so much ..need to hear from you ASAP

    • > how do you deal with your clients if his drunk..?

      You have the right to end the appointment at any time if he’s drunk without refund. If a gentlemen has had some drinks but isn’t being rude or obnoxious then I don’t see it as a problem, personally. However I do know a lot of ladies will end it right then and there if the client is acting drunk.

      > how do you keep your time?

      If it’s an incall have an inconspicuous clock nearby at all times like a microwave, dvd player with the clock set, etc. If it’s an outcall just train yourself to think in 15 minute intervals. If you’re constantly aware of the time, it becomes second nature. You never want to come off as a clock watcher so make sure you do this as discreetly as possible.

      > What’s the different in a 20mins.and 30mins

      10 minutes? I don’t understand your question.

      > what did you do to finished your client?

      Your job as an escort is to get him going, his job as a man is to finish himself off. If he’s having a hard time finishing ask him if there’s anything he wants to do. Most guys have a position or two they know they can finish off with in a pinch.

      > is that a full service?

      Full service means sex.

      > thanks so much

      You’re very welcome!

  2. Hi!! As an escort do u think it’s safe to have incalls at my apartment? I’m not sure because the building is big and I don’t want people to know about it

    • No, I wouldn’t recommend having incalls where you live. Would you really want to sleep in the same bed where you do your business?? I wouldn’t. Get a hotel or rent a separate apartment only for work. If you’re in a bigger city I’m sure you could find other girls to go in on the apartment with you to lower costs.

  3. If you work for an agency and it is an incall agency does the agency provide to hotel for the escorts to share or is the the escorts job?
    Also, if you work for an agency and you are only available 2 nights a week how much could you make?

    • Yes, the agency would provide the incall location. Sometimes it’s a hotel but usually it’s an apartment or studio.

      As for how much you would make, it’s sort of like asking how long is a piece of string. There’s so many factors, how much are you charging, what do you look like, what city you’re in, etc. If it’s a busy agency and you’re getting a lot of attention, you could do math based on how many clients you would be willing to see per shift and how much other girls at the agency charge. Say it’s $250/hour or $150/half hour and you’re willing to see 3-5 clients per shift and there’s a 70/30 split between you and agency you could do the math as 200(rate)x4(# of clients)x8(days workedper month)= $6400 per month. Of course there’s a lot “ifs” in there, so that may not be entirely realistic.

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