Work As An Independent Escort or Agency Escort

There are both pros and cons to working as an independent escort and working as an agency escort. Knowing what’s best for you entails knowing the pros and cons of each, and from there making the best decision you can. The other thing to keep in mind is that once you’ve made your decision, it’s not set in stone. For example, when I first started out there were no websites like this, explaining in detail many different aspects of being an escort. The only websites related to escorts were escort directories and escort review websites that were made for Johns or clients.

I found being an independent escort with very little information was overwhelming and I didn’t understand how any one could possibly do it. I read a bunch of escort reviews, and I checked out the websites of all of the escort agencies and independent escorts in the city where I was going to work. So I got a good feeling of what was out there and what happened during dates (from the client’s perspective). So in that regard I was confident in my ability to go to an appointment with a client and that I could do that end of the job. However advertising, screening clients and all of the business side of things I had no clue how they were done.

I knew that working for an escort agency they would take care of all of that for me. So I put together a list of escort agencies that I thought I would like to work for. I did this based on their website, where they advertised and the escorts they currently had working for them. I narrowed my list of potential escort agencies down to three different agencies that a) had very nice, upscale websites b) Had at least five different escorts working for them – I got the impression that the ones with less like only two or three escorts working for them were more like pimps that had “personal” relationships with the escorts and that’s NOT what I was looking for. c) That all advertised heavily on all of the main websites, the phone book, etc.

I submitted my pictures to each of these three escort agencies and all three of them called me back to setup an interview. When I went to the first interview, it was run by a guy who just had a very sleazy look to him. I tried not to judge and he asked me several questions like how often I’d be available, whether I had any experience, etc. After answering all of his questions he told me to take my clothes off, in which I looked back at him in shock. I certainly was not expecting to have to get naked during the interview for anyone. He said it was part of the regular process and that I needed to do it. I stood up, grabbed my purse and stormed out.

The second escort agency that I had applied to called me and asked me to setup an interview. This time it was a female who called me and she made me feel much more comfortable knowing it was a woman. This time I made it clear over the phone, do I need to take off my clothes during the interview? She replied no. I went in to the interview and this was completely different, she had an office with a bunch of women, whom I later realized were escorts, coming in and leaving, her office door was never closed which made me feel more comfortable and we talked for almost half an hour before she even asked me about questions relating to the job. We talked about what I knew, what I didn’t know, how come I wanted to become an escort. I was immediately put at ease.

The third escort agency to have called me was a nice man, he didn’t ask me to take my clothes off and I could tell he ran a legit business. However I eventually went back to the second escort agency that was run by a woman because I felt I had developed a chemistry with the woman, and I felt most comfortable working for her rather than the third escort agency.

After a year of working for that escort agency, thanks to the help of some of the other escorts and the escort agency owner, I felt much more confident in my ability to work as an independent escort. After a year of working for that escort agency, I decided to go out on my own and work as an independent escort because I wanted more control over my business and I felt I was ready to handle the responsibilities of working as an independent escort.

Now a days with websites like this one, where you can learn a lot about the business side of being an escort, it’s easier to start off as an independent escort. My honest advice would be to get in touch with my friend who is an escort consultant and to go through the bootcamp that he offers. You’ll make more money and have all the benefits of having an expert help you along.

Now that I’ve given you the novel version, let me give it to you in point form:

Escort Agency Pros

  • They handle the advertising
  • They handle screening clients
  • They handle your security and driver (for outcalls)
  • You’re stepping into an already established business

Escort Agency Cons

  • Less control over how you’re advertising.
  • They take a (large) cut out of your money.
  • You work for someone else.

Independent Escort Pros

  • Complete control over everything.
  • You work for yourself.
  • You control your own expenses.

Independent Escort Cons

  • It’s a lot of work.
  • You’re in charge of your screening and security. Could be a pro since it’s in your hands, but if you make a mistake no one to blame but you.
  • You chose how you’re advertised
There you have it, that’s my basic break down of working as an independent escort or agency escort. The only other thing I’d like to say is if you’re not sure which is best for you still, then reach out to some independent escorts and ask them if you can take them out to coffee as you have some questions you’d like to ask about being an independent escort. Likewise, setup a couple interviews with escort agencies and let them know you’re still deciding. If anyone from an escort agency tells you that you need to have sex for free or take off your clothes, do what I did, get up and run!

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    • I find that hard to believe, if you’re in such a small city that there are no agencies when you do a Google search, perhaps you might need to move to a larger city, or at least commute.

  1. Hi! so I just got hired as an escort through a site that seems very valid and have spoken to a girl over email and phone/texts numerous times. I applied online, with pictures, we had so send a picture holding a sign that said something in particular, and our DL. However, there was never a face to face interview. She told me its a nationwide service. I have talked to her a lot, but am still unsure if this is legit or not. She wants me on schedule asap. They require you to work 5 days a week for 6 hours, we give them our schedule. What are your thoughts on this?

    • It’s hard to say without knowing more, but nothing so far seems like a red flag. If they’re a nation wide service they might not have someone available to meet up with you for a face to face interview. The fact that they don’t want you to meet up for a face to face interview and instead used the picture as a verification could be a good thing. How do they want you to pay them? I’m assuming you get paid in cash by the client, how do you forward them the money?

  2. Before I begin, I’d like to thank you so much for making and maintaining this blog. When I was first considering the business your website helped me more than words can express and gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed before making my decision. Now that I find myself moving through the field, I’m here once again looking for advice. So, here’s my predicament: I’ve been with my agency for just less than a year and it has been great. Female owned and operated, no nonsense, and the best in the city (as well as neighbouring areas, in my opinion). However, I recently find myself considering going independent more and more. While my agency is great, there’s something telling me it might be nearing the time to move onto the next level. I’m fully booked every night I’m on (many of which are regulars), I’ve been told that I have glowing reviews and that the service I offer is simply higher in caliber. But a few questions that I have make the decision a bit more intimidating than I think is necessary.
    First off, I’ve noticed that when many girls go independent they change their alias. Is this merely a method of starting fresh or is there something more that I’m missing?
    Secondly, when I start up my own website should I reference my previous reviews from when I was with the agency? I find this question the trickiest because while I have been told that I have glowing reviews, that would mean that I’d be admitting that I was with an agency who charged less for my time than what I would be (and run the risk of having potential not-so-great reviews being available). Or, do I keep my reviews hidden but run the chance of losing clients due to lack of feedback?
    Third, I have no intention on stealing my agency’s clients and would love to leave on good terms with my agent but am unsure if she would be offended merely because I want to go independent. While I know that business is business, it was still a great time and I wouldn’t want to burn any bridges unnecessarily.
    Lastly, you mentioned contacting other Indy’s to see if they would offer advice. This idea is interesting, especially because there is one girl who I know left my agency awhile back and became a much more elite companion (what I hope to do) but I wonder if I should be offering to pay her rate in exchange for her to meet and discuss business.

    Sorry for the long post and all the questions, just so much to consider!


    • > Before I begin, I’d like to thank you so much for making and maintaining this blog.

      You’re very kind. I love reading comments like this!

      > I’ve noticed that when many girls go independent they change their alias

      No, I wouldn’t do this. There’s many reasons ladies would do this… perhaps they’re leaving on bad terms, perhaps their agency’s owner told them they’re not allowed to use their name any more (false), perhaps they just didn’t give it as much thought as you are don’t realize that re-branding is counter productive, perhaps they had a client that’s a stalker or perhaps they have negative reviews that they’re trying to get away from or perhaps Regardless of what their reasoning is, if you have a glowing reputation, there is NO need to change your name. You’ve worked hard for your reputation and you shouldn’t have to start over.

      > when I start up my own website should I reference my previous reviews

      Yes, absolutely. If you’re worried about offending long time clients who have been good to you with your new rates, you can grandfather them in, even if it’s only for a period of time. The point of raising your rates is that your schedule is full. There’s more demand then there is supply. If your schedule is full at your current rate, then you’re not charging enough. Don’t treat the subject of raising your rates as though you need to walk on egg shells. You can announce it to the world with your head held up high. You are 100% within your rights to do and any one capable of rational logic would understand that.

      > [I] am unsure if she would be offended merely because I want to go independent.

      Business is definitely business. I understand your concern and this could potentially how you go about making your exit, but it should not effect your decision to leave. It’s very hard to answer this question because it depends on what kind of person she is. My advice would just be honest. Let her know you want to charge a higher rate, you want to become a more elite companion and that you will not poach her clients. She will probably let you go immediately, rather then risk having you poach her clients regardless of her opinion of you, again that’s just business and nothing to take personal. However if your main issue is wanting to raise your rates and she really wants to keep you around, she might be willing to raise your rates for the agency and up your cut. If she does agree to something like this, make it clear that you are only willing to try it out for a period of time. For example, if she bends over backwards to accommodate you, thank her and tell you’re willing to try it out for the next 3 months and will revisit the situation then. Don’t say just thank her and say how great she is, because in the near future you might want to move on any way and then you’ll look like a brat because she bent over backwards for you and you’re still leaving. The point being is you seem like you don’t want to upset other people, which isn’t a bad characteristic to say the least, however this process will require some direct confrontation and it’s important you are honest, straightforward and hold your held up while making these decisions. Don’t cower to pressure from other people, be strong.

      > I wonder if I should be offering to pay her rate in exchange for her to meet and discuss business.

      I think that’s a nice gesture but it’s a bit tacky and could come off wrong. Her rate is for her clients, she’s not in the consulting business. I would offer to take her out for lunch at a nice restaurant, that should be plenty to show that you’re not just looking to pick her brain and offer nothing in return. You should also be 100% ready for rejection, if she’s doing well then I would assume she’s a level headed person but do keep in mind this business attracts a lot of unstable people unfortunately and so again, don’t take offense if you reach out and it doesn’t go as planned. Always be polite and remember that in the event of a falling out, it’s best to be on your best behaviour. Take the high road and do nothing to compromise your character. If she is receptive to the idea and ends up being truly helpful, you could of course link to her website from yours. Ask her if she would be willing to do duos with you (if you’re willing to) and include that on your website, the point being is that if she is nice enough to help you out, go out of your way to return the favor in tasteful ways.

      Hope that helps!

  3. I would really like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to whomever created this comprehensive guide to escorting. I am absolutely thrilled to have found it. I am a newbie escort, based in London, and I have begun working for an exclusive escort agency in the city which has been in business for ten years and ongoing. I would like to stay in touch with the creator of this blog, please. I would like to stay in touch with the creator of this blog, please. I have some questions such as when would it be the right time for me to go independent, and, am I making enough money, when I’ve just started. Is it okay to exchange emails?
    Please do let me know. If, however, you prefer this blog to be a main communicator medium. I don’t mind.
    Thank you!

    • Yes, I do prefer to communicate on the blog, that way people who have the same question(s) in the future can read my answers and benefit from them as well. However if there are things that you prefer to remain private for whatever reason, any body is welcome to email me at any time. I do my best to reply to any emails I get.

  4. Hello,
    I have been thinking about escorting for a while now. I finally decide to go for it. I am tired of my boring job that is not getting me where I want to be financially. I am a single mother and am tired of living pay check to pay check. I live in a small town in Arizona. I want to work independently just because I am 4’11” and am a size 8. I refuse to go down to a size 0 or 4. I have never in my life been that small and my family worries about me when I loss weight. Is there any advice you can give me on being a new escort with no experience?
    Really appreciate your time and very happy I came across this website.

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